This is a blog for the six goofy, loving, sweet Siberian Huskies that own me.

Please note:
I only upload photos to this tumblr,
and occasionally to my instagram.
If you see my photos anywhere else,
they have been stolen.


Anonymous asked
whenever i'm sad, or just having a bad day i like to come visit your blog :) your positive spirit and your adorable huskies always make me cheer up! i can't wait to have huskies of my own one day when we & my boyfriend get married ;P

Oh gosh thank you so much :D It’s funny hearing someone saying I have a positive spirit, because I generally don’t lol. But when it comes to my pups, I try to be very positive and I’m glad that shows through! It’s hard not to be happy around them though :]

Good luck in getting your future husky! They are the best.

allyfly asked
Do your dogs ever talk in their sleep? Also how do you deal with all the fur? I have one Siberian, Duke, and he sheds SO much it is literally unmanageable. Are you always sweeping and vacuuming (because I am!)? Lol

Oh they sure do! Yipes and whimpers and woofs and barks. It’s so cute, and they run and twitch and boogie in their sleep too. :]

We vacuum every day (except on weekends). We sweep probably 20 times a day lol, not really but yeah. You just learn to live with it really. :] It’s not so bad in the winter when they’re not shedding all the time though.

Look what I diiiid :D

I feel speshul. It just redirects to tumblr but still, yay. :D

Anonymous asked
I was just thinking how u shouldn't shave a husky because of the type of fur they have. and realized it must really suck when a vet may have to shave some fur off because of an accident or for an injection or who knows!

For small areas it seems to grow back just fine! But when my boys were neutered I always asked the vet to only shave what he absolutely needed to shave, and he literally had to shave like nothing because he’s that good and uses laser surgery to neuter ;] lol

jfleezy asked
Marry me? I'm in love with your dogs, I'll love you too.

Ooh my first proposal. I will have to decline I’m sorry. Luka has my heart ;] You can still love my dogs though :D They love you back woof!

These are really blurry because the sun was about gone, but they were chasing this huge beetle (Junebug?) but no one was quick enough to catch it and it got away! They usually catch them so I didn’t mind because I hate cleaning up bug guts. :p

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” 
― Martin Buber

People, you cannot judge a dog’s stress level (or behavior) by a few photos, or even a short video clip. Ugh, it’s all over tumblr and getting annoying.

River says, “At least grass is low calorie.” 

thyestean-feast asked
This blog has made my entire day. I want to hug and love on all your dogs. Can I give them treats? Will they tolerate sweaters?!

Aw thank you so much <3 You can give them treats! They do love them treats!

I’m not sure about sweaters… lol.